Dog Walking

-There is a Dog Walk, and then there is a 'Who Let The Dogs Out...? We Did' Dog Walk!                               

With the New Forest and Waterside on our doorstep and lots of places to explore we will always take your dog on a real adventure. We always vary our walks, taking them to different places to help keep their mind stimulated. All dogs need to be walked! So what ever your dog needs, for what ever reasons, we will work with you to accommodate your requirements, and most importantly ensure your dog will return home tired and happy, come rain or shine.

We offer dog walking services anytime day or night, we understand that the needs of dogs and their owners aren't just 9am-5pm. Off lead walks are available while there is daylight, after dark all walks will be on lead for the safety of your dog.

We offer group walks at various times of the day, to ensure the most socialisation and fun is had by all, we take a maximum of 6 dogs on a group walk to allow us to focus on all dogs as much as possible and give them the attention they need. Off lead, on lead, or even on a long line, we are always happy to walk them.

We also offer 1-to-1 walks for less social, nervous dogs. Maybe they are recovering from an operation, or for what ever reason you prefer it that way, we will do our best to work with you and your dog to over come any of their issues, fears or help with their rehabilitation. Whether its on lead or off lead, we will walk them in quieter locations at non peak times of the day, where there are less dogs they will have to come into contact with while they are on the mend, or are learning to become more confident around other dogs. 

Doggy Day Care

Your dog will be collected in the morning and taken on a fantastic, physically challenging walk/run in the forest. This is the perfect opportunity for your dog to really stretch their legs and have fun with doggy pals. Our Day Care doggies have unlimited access to our secure garden, with a fun selection of doggy toys to play with if your dog has everlasting energy! Or your dog may choose to rest and relax in our doggy friendly home, snoozing on a comfy doggy bed in our specially designed doggy room or chilling on the sofa. At Doggy Day Care your dog will always have other dogs around to socialise with, plus plenty of human interaction. They will get at least a 1-hour walk during their Doggy Day Care. We will then return your well exercised, tired out dog to your home in the afternoon, in time for dinner and a well earned dog-nap. Doggy Day Care is an alternative to leaving your dog alone at home while you are at work or out for the day, it allows them to socialise, play and have a great time, whilst also not being lonely as they will receive lots of loving care and attention.

Home from Home Boarding

A true home-from-home experience, your dog will spend their time with us and our family, with plenty of doggy interaction with our 2 dogs, plus also lots of human affection and cuddles. They will have at least 2 walks a day with at least 2 other dogs, they will have free run of our house and be treated just the same as our dogs, whether it's playing tug, brain games or having a nap on the sofa, sleeping on the bed in the spare room, or wanting a quiet little hideaway, we will ensure your dog has a fantastic holiday, just like you are having. 


Puppy Visits

 If you’re bringing a new puppy into the home it’s an exciting time! We understand that when you go back to work it is important that your puppy has as normal routine as possible. That's where we can help by providing daily visits to help take care of your puppy without the worry of leaving them alone all day.  We will visit your puppy at times agreed with you and provide you with updates throughout the day. Food and water – young puppies usually need small frequent meals, so we will feed your puppy during the visit, as well as provide fresh water. Puppy mess – we’ll pick up any mess your puppy may have made and clean up after them. We will take your puppy outside to the toilet as soon as we get there and during the visit, to help with your puppy’s toilet training routine. Fun and games – we will provide lots of puppy entertainment with fun and games, including playing with toys and lots of human interaction and cuddles. We can also provide some basic puppy training to reinforce your training regime and to keep your puppy stimulated. We’ll then settle your puppy down for their next visit, or for your return home. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated we are happy to include short walks, in your local area, to get your puppy used to different places, other dogs, people, smells and sounds. 

Home Pet Visits

 Our definition of a Home Pet Visits is exactly as it sounds...we come to them, in their own environment and give your pets the care and attention they need, as you usually would. We follow your guidelines to maintain their health and happiness and spend as much time with them as you require. There aren't many pets that don't qualify for our Home Pet Visits, a majority of our clients are Dogs and Cats, but to name a few others, we have looked after Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hamsters, Ducks, Chickens, Parrots, Koi Carp, Gold Fish, Tropical Fish, Tortoises and Geckos. So whatever pet you own and consider as your family we are very enthusiatic and more than willing to help. We have chosen to deliver this service because, from experience, we realise the restraints of having pets, big or small, and how hard it is to be there for them all of the time.

 Our visits can include:
• Cleaning out of litter trays, cages, hutches,
(fish) pumps and filters.
• Administering prescribed medication.
• Updates on your Pet's well-being via:
• Feeding and refreshing drinking water.
• Outdoor time / play time.
• (Most Importantly) Love and attention.

+ any other specific duties you may require
for the comfort and well-being of your pet.

  Whatever your pets and their requirements are please don't hesitate to get in touch because pets are our passion. 


The name Canicross comes from the two words Canine and Cross Country. Canicross is getting out with your best friend and doing what they love best – running. All dogs love to run and tapping into their natural instinct means canicross requires very little, if any training. Dogs are great running partners as they are reliable and always ready to go. 

 Dogs also produce endorphins as they run and the enhanced effort level required by canicross leaves them happy, confident and calm, making it a brilliant release for high energy or stressed out canines.

We use special harnesses and belts for canicross and we always run in the forest, just to make sure your pooch stays safe.

There are benefits on many levels for your dog, including:

  • improved health and fitness.
  • better sleep
  • slows the aging process, live longer (a lean dog lives, on average, up to two years longer than an overweight dog)
  • healthy appetite
  • less aggressive (good for socialisation)
  • less destructive (relieves boredom)

We always keep it fun, safe and positive!



Bark & Ride

Many private hire taxis do not allow animals to ride with them these days, especially large breeds or those 'en route' to the vets! Or maybe you may prefer to have someone else drive, so you may sit with your pet. So we offer a taxi service for your animals. 

Like a taxi we will take your animal(s) to your desired location like the vets, groomers or just another location within SO postcodes and surrounding areas (we can go further afield by prior arrangement).

We can transport everything from small pets, cats or large dog breeds.

We have a specially fitted van, so you know your pet will be safe, secure and comfortable during their journey.

We offer a taxi service for;  

  • Vet appointments.  
  • Grooming appointments.  
  • Taking your bitch or queen to a stud.  
  • Drop your dog or cat to the boarding kennel or cattery.  
  • Take you to collect your new four legged family member.  

Whatever you need!

We can either do drop off/collection only, or a wait around service.  


Why Bikejor? If your dog wants to run and is dragging you around on your walks, and can't be let off lead then this is the perfect service for you, this service is not limited to dogs that can't be let off lead, as this is suitable for high energy dogs, or those that just love to run. Your dog will be healthier, happier, more tired and satisfied if it is allowed to exercise at its pace (faster than you can run). A tired dog is a happy dog! This service is also suitable for even dogs with discipline or social issues, a tired dog is less likely to show signs of aggression, and a dog with discipline issues will learn to be focused and listen to commands. Bikejoring is an adventure every time and teaches dogs to be controlled and focused which can help you when you are out walking as you can focus and direct how they move through crowds when walking. Well exercised dogs are calmer, a tired dog is a happy dog, a happy dog is a good dog! Bikejoring is great as the dog sets the pace, we will share adventures and learn to work and think as a team. We only offer bikejoring when the weather is not too hot as the colder weather is when dogs run best. We will only bikejor in quiet locations in the forest as the safety of you dog is paramount to us and also where your dog can have the most fun.
This service is mainly a 1 to 1 service, but can be up to a maximum of 2 dogs. 

Wedding Day Services

Who Let The Dogs Out...? We Did know that for some of us, our dogs are more than just pets – they are our best friends, companions and much loved members of the family. Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life so why shouldn’t the whole family be able to celebrate it with you? Now they can! 

At Who Let The Dogs out...? We Did we can make your day complete by offering a wedding chaperone service, we can prepare your dog so that they can be one of the wedding guests too and have them included in your wedding photographs. We can discuss whether or not you’d like your dog to have a key role, such as a greeter outside the church or even ring bearer at the ceremony. Our Wedding Service will include but not limited to:-

  • Meeting to discuss your requirements and plan the dogs activities for your wedding day
  • Collect your dog from your home/relatives home at an agreed time on the morning of the wedding
  • A long walk beforehand so they are nice and calm for the photographs
  • Brush, and if appropriate accessorise your dog or trip to the dog groomers of your choice
  • Transport your dog to the wedding venue
  • Chaperone and entertain at the wedding venue
  • Comfort breaks, feed and water as required
  • Care during the photo shoot, with help to reassure that you will get the photographs that you want with your dog
  • Exclusive service – we offer you an exclusive service, your dedicated doggy chaperone will only do one wedding per day so you don’t need to worry about us having to rush off to collect another dog for another wedding.
  • Return your dog to an agreed, supervised location
  • Full responsibility for your dog by a fully insured, experienced member of our team
  • All mileage included to cover initial visit and pick up and journey to the venue and drop off to a radius of 10 miles. Mileage 45p a mile thereafter.

Our Wedding Packages can be tailor made to your needs so that you can have peace of mind on your special day. We can also care for your dog for the remainder of the day so that you can celebrate and not worry about your beloved pet or alternatively if you are going straight onto your honeymoon, we can offer our dog boarding or live-in boarding  services. Prices start from as little as £100.00. What a small price to pay to have your beloved fur baby there on your wedding day. For a consultation and a bespoke price for your special day, please contact us today!


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